This article is just to give a little information about myself and my plans for the website: My name is Ben Blackmer. I grew up in Farmington, MI. I love playing videogames and have quite a vast array of experience with different genres. Secret of Monkey Island and Age of Empires on PC. Goldeneye and Mario 64 on console. Pokemon and Advance Wars on handheld. Arkham City and Bloodborne from AAA studios. Super Meat Boy and Braid from the indie space. Bloons Tower Defense and Flippin' Dead online. Canabalt and Splitters Critters on mobile. And I'm still holding my breath for Half-Life 3. I did not have any early experience with programming. My first exposure was a class in college, then I started coding hard-core in about 2012-2013. I was encouraged by the example of Jonathan Blow, Edmund McMillen, and Casey Muratori. I wanted to make games, but I also wanted to make very high quality games, both in terms of design and technology. My major coding education is thanks to Casey Muratori and Handmade Hero, with a little help from Mike Acton, which emphasizes simplicity, leveraging the hardware, and solving specific problems instead of general problems. Almost without exception, everything they have taught has greatly increased my joy in programming. Game design and technology covers an incredible expanse of topics, all of which I have a deep interest in. This makes it difficult to focus on a single area, so I tried to make the projects cover areas that also have relevance to the needs of video game companies. My near-term plans (as of 9.23.2018) include a 3D animation project in Direct3D, a 2D and 3D project with a Vulkan renderer, and a 2D and 3D/VR project in Unity. My plans for this website are to have it serve as a repository for all my completed projects, along with the source code and design notes. I would also like to eventually write a series of articles/tutorials on the technical design and other math-related topics. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this little post about me. I greatly look forward to everything I can learn and design in the videogame space. And, hopefully, others will enjoy my projects, as well. Questions and feedback can be directed to BRBlackmerDev@gmail.com